In regards to sex work positions, at Garden of Eden, we are often asked why we don’t post ads for sex workers. In Victoria it is illegal to advertise for sex work positions, which means we have to rely on word-of-mouth and our reputation as one of Melbourne’s leading luxury brothels. We would love to advertise openly for sex work positions however it is against the rules established by the BLA. Brothels must not induce someone to work as a sex work service provider.

Sex work enquiries

If you are an existing sex-worker or sex work provider and would like to discuss brothel working conditions, shifts, doors or our 100% split, please call us on 0405 589 110.

Relevant information for sex-workers


RhED provides a range of health, safety and legal information for sex work service providers.

Australian Sex Workers Association

Scarlet Alliance works towards sex worker rights (legal, health, industrial, civil) and uses health promotion approaches to achieve this. Scarlet Alliance promotes best practices including peer education, community development, community engagement and advocacy.

SWOP – Sew Workers Outreach Project

SWOP is Australia’s largest and longest established community-based peer education sex worker organisation with a mission to provide New South Wales sex workers with the same access to health, safety, human rights, and workplace protections as all other Australian workers.