Frequently asked questions
Last updated: 01/12/20


Find frequently asked questions relating to our building, location and environment.

Does GOE have private parking?

We have lots of private parking approximately 50 metres from the street that is protected by fences and surrounded by gardens and trees. Discretion is our number 1 priority.

How many rooms do you have?

We have 6 very large and decedant upstairs rooms with new showers, freshly renovated interior and 60 inch TV’s with adult entertainment playing around the clock.


Find frequently asked questions relating to costs, services and ladies.

What is a standard service?

A standard full sex service includes oral sex (on you) & intercourse provided by the lady of your choice.

Do ladies charge for extras, how much?

Often clients want an extra hot service, or kissing, GFE, or mutual oral and this is typically what constitutes an ‘extra’ fee. Ladies who provide services at GOE are self employed service providers (sex-workers) and they determine their own extras fees. Please discuss during intro. Typically extras cost between $20-$50.

Are multiple climaxes permitted during a booking?

Generally this is not considered gentleman-like. Ladies work hard to provide a stimulating service (to get you off) and this is a good thing. If our lovely ladies are not incentivised to perform, then services would be lacking. If you are someone who usually ejaculates many times during intercourse, you can discuss your needs with our ladies during intro. Expect to pay an ‘extras’ fee for multiple climaxes.

Are condoms mandatory?

ALWAYS. Asking one of our ladies to provide sex or oral sex without a condom is a genuine turn off. Our classy ladies value health and wellbeing; their careers depend on it. For their protection, as well as your own, condoms and safe sexual practices are insisted on.

What is a health check?

A health check is a quick examination of your private parts. Obviously we like to protect our ladies and they in turn like to protect their careers but it is also in our clients’ best interest that these checks are carried out; as health checks also protect you. Health checks are part of the reason you are more likely to contract an STI from a random partner than a brothel.


Find frequently asked questions relating to bookings and fees.

What are your prices?

If only we had a dollar for every time we receive a price enquiry. We, like all brothels, post our prices on our dedicated prices page.

Can I extend a booking?

Yes. Please let your chosen lady know that you wish to extend your time with her.


Find frequently asked questions relating to GOE membership discounts and special offers.

How do I become a member?

Signing up to a GOE membership is simple. If you like to receive latest lady alerts, generous discounts, special offers and eden news, just sign up here. Remember to double check your spam folder and CONFIRM your email address. If you don’t respond to our confirmation email, you will not receive discounts or future emails.

Is it easy to cancel?

Very easy, simply locate our latest email in your inbox, and click unsubscribe in the footer.

Is my personal information safe?

We value our clients’ privacy and will never misuse your information or share your personal information with a third party. You can unsubscribe anytime or use a secondary email address to sign up.