Valentine's Day Sexy Girl with roses

Video: Be The Bachelor This Valentine’s Day

Be The Bachelor

Gentlemen, as Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re transforming you into The Bachelor #BeTheBachelor

On the night, envision 24 red roses adorning our reception area, each concealing a special offer – ranging from complimentary bookings to exclusive discounts.

Once you confirm your reservation, choose a rose, unveil your unique offer, you have the option to present the rose to your chosen lady.

Make this Valentine’s Day truly memorable by joining us for a night filled with sensual mischief, surprises, and elite angels.

Let the rose dictate your fate, ensuring your evening with us becomes an unforgettable night.

We look forward to welcoming you on Valentine’s Night.

Why miss out on a chance to experience pure bliss? Swing by, explore, and treat yourself to the allure of the Garden of Eden. Your satisfaction is our priority, and if you can’t wait until Feb 14, check out our other exclusive February VIP offer.

Ready to experience the extraordinary? Join us, become a VIP now and bask in the exclusivity of our VIP offer this February.

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Video: Our girls are suckers for Valentine’s Day

All month we are offering #GOEvips $30 towards extras when booking

Oooh Yeah! All month we are offering #GOEvips $30 towards extras when booking 30+ mins at South East Melbourne’s classiest venue. We are inviting all of our SMS VIP’s to take part in our “Suckers For Valentine’s Day Promotion”.


You can scratch and play immediately upon arrival use for your booking. GOE members, we love you too, but we ask that you will join our SMS VIP’s (see our sign up phone form on this page). We are now sending our promotions via text / SMS due to harsh anti-spam restrictions affecting our industry.

With an offer this irresistible, how could you say no? Our list of angels is expanding, and our authentic profiles reveal the enticing offerings at GOE. Swing by and unlock generous discounts anytime before February 29, 2024.

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