Working at a Legal Brothel: A Revealing Insight into an Intriguing Profession


Ever wondered what it’s really like working in a legal Melbourne brothel? At The Garden of Eden, we aim to provide an in-depth understanding of the intriguing profession that often remains shrouded in mystery. From the daily routines to the challenges and rewards, we explore every aspect, shedding light on the realities behind this industry.

The Professional Environment

Working in a legal brothel entails a carefully structured and regulated environment prioritising safety, respect, and consent. Our establishment adheres to strict guidelines and legal frameworks to ensure the well-being of working girls, managers, and clients. A professional team manages the operations, including the owner, managers, receptionists, and support staff, who work diligently to create a secure and supportive atmosphere.

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Sex Workers

Sex Work Jobs Melbourne

In regards to sex work positions, at Garden of Eden, we are often asked why we don’t post ads for sex workers. In Victoria it is illegal to advertise for sex work positions, which means we have to rely on word-of-mouth and our reputation as one of Melbourne’s leading luxury brothels. We would love to advertise openly for sex work positions however it is against the rules established by the BLA. Brothels must not induce someone to work as a sex work service provider.

Sex work enquiries

If you are an existing sex-worker or sex work provider and would like to discuss brothel working conditions, shifts, doors or our 100% split, please call us on 0405 589 110.

Relevant information for sex-workers


RhED provides a range of health, safety and legal information for sex work service providers.

Australian Sex Workers Association

Scarlet Alliance works towards sex worker rights (legal, health, industrial, civil) and uses health promotion approaches to achieve this. Scarlet Alliance promotes best practices including peer education, community development, community engagement and advocacy.

SWOP – Sew Workers Outreach Project

SWOP is Australia’s largest and longest established community-based peer education sex worker organisation with a mission to provide New South Wales sex workers with the same access to health, safety, human rights, and workplace protections as all other Australian workers.


Jobs in Melbourne: Brothel Work

The state laws that govern the sex industry dictate that Garden of Eden (SWA 13115B), Melbourne’s leading, freshly renovated brothel and adult relaxation centre in Dandenong, is unable to advertise brothel work service provider (sex-worker) vacancies; however we can offer sex work advice. Therefore, ladies who are looking for brothel work Melbourne or sex work advice, are encouraged to chat with us. Ph: (03) 9706 7745. We would love to hear from you.

Brothel Work Melbourne: Why Would Someone Choose To Work In The Legal Sex Industry?

Providing legal sex services for licensed adult establishments is very different to prostitution, escort work or working in a massage parlour. For one, you are very safe and providing a completely legal service; The Garden of Eden premises are safe and secure and our clients are screened; we have security cameras on site and we have trained personnel who protect the ladies.

Secondly, our modern, large and renovated venue is clean and professional. See licensing and registration requirements for legal brothels pertaining to a safe work environment. Reputable adult entertainment venues such as GOE take security matters incredibly seriously and the safety of our team is paramount.

If you would like to see what a legal brothel is like, feel free to pop in and have a look around, you are most welcome. We advise ladies seeking sex work positions to look for the following when considering a venue for service providing:

  • Safety; is the venue equipped to look after you?
  • Cleanliness; is the establishment clean, tidy and looked after?
  • Flexible shifts; are you able to choose your own shits?
  • Licensed; look for the SWA number e.g Garden of Eden (SWA 13115B)
  • Pay ratio; how much does the lady make?
  • Incentives; does the venue offer bonus earning opportunities?
  • Promotion; does the venue promote itself (& ladies) well online?
  • Social; does the parlour post quality content to social media?
  • Positivity; do you get a positive vibe?
  • Friendly; a friendly team is a happy team.
  • Health checks; does the venue insist on quarterly health checks?
  • Signage; brothels must post signage about safe sex and provide condoms.
  • Doors; does the venue attract lots of clients?
  • Pay; are you paid at the end of each shift?
  • Web presence; a professional online presence and detailed rostering system with profiles of ladies is a good indicator of a brothels earning potential and professionalism

Sex worker earning potential

Brothel work Melbourne: Potential EarningsA classy, large and legal parlour with a lot of doors (aka clients) gives sex workers the opportunity to earn $600 – $1200 per day depending on shift hours. Some ladies prefer to do 2-3 shifts per week and can take home between $1800 – $3600 per week, whereas some service providers prefer to work all week and can make over $5000.

Ladies sometimes work on a Friday or Saturday night for a full shift in Melbourne’s legal brothels to supplement their existing income. It is not unusual for law clerks, nurses, teachers or admin assistants to work in a legal, local parlour once a week or fortnight and they can take home $1000+ for a single shift.

We are now hiring in Dandenong, Melbourne

We have many brothel work positions available including ‘Licensed Brothel Manager‘ positions, ancillary staff positions and for ladies interested in sex-worker positions, we advise you to reach out to us for advice. If you would like to work in an exciting new venture within a fun and energetic new team, give us a call or check out our employment page.

For brothel manager positions, looking to get in on the ground floor of a newly acquired venue with huge plans going forward, please get in touch with us on (03) 9706 7745.

We are certain that we will soon be the largest brothel in South East Melbourne. Get in now, and be part of our wonderful team. We expect that anyone who get’s in early, will be very glad that they did.

See our employment page for more information or call GOE on (03) 9706 7745 regarding brothel work Melbourne.