Our ladies are motivated by the freedom of earning potential

Our new 100% split for GOE Angels is expected to ignite hotter and ultimately more satisfying bookings for gentlemen. We are certain that our growing status as Dandenong’s premier adult relaxation venue, coupled with our new ‘never before seen split for sex-workers’ will launch GOE into a realm of its own.

Why our new 100% split for ladies means our customers are the real winners?

Well, we are glad you asked? Our ladies are happier, and happier ladies are less inhibited, this means rather than focusing on bonuses, or deluxe bookings, our seductive angels are focused on you.

We know how much you genuinely care for and appreciate our angels.

One thing we have always appreciated about our clients, is the genuine care shown for our ladies. We receive emails, reviews on lady profiles and comments about our ladies regularly. Mostly, these comments are an eye opener for us; because you guys really care. This was never more true than during the recent pandemic; we received scores of emails with well-wishing messages for all of our ladies and we know that most of you will take comfort in the idea that your booking fee will be given to your chosen angel in its entirety.

Why not become a GOE member, and book one of our ‘Eden Angels’ today and take comfort in the knowledge that your lady will receive a 100% split…?