Trinity size 8, 24 year old, erotic stripper at Garden of Eden

Name: Trinity
Nationality: Australian
Age: 24
Hair color: cinnamon, long
Dress size: 8
Eyes: BLUE
Breasts: Perky B cup
Height: 6 foot 1 inch with long stripper legs
Skin: olive with tattoo
Personality: Va Va Voom (but currently medicated)

“I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful and natural, wholesome things that money can buy”

I am a current stripper at one of Melbourne’s leading gentlemen’s clubs, moonlighting as the raunch Queen of your dreams. A lap dance from me will have you begging for more and at Garden of Eden I can make this dream come true. I am a tall tattooed, raunchy babe with legs that are topped by my perfectly formed butt and my athletic body that just keeps on giving. I am the woman you always wish you could have but never dared.