American RAVEN size 12, 28 year old, fairy tale girl next door and wild child at Garden of Eden

Name: Raven
Nationality: AMERICAN
Age: 28
Hair color: Black, long, curly and wild
Dress size: 12
Eyes: Hazel
Breasts: C – D cup
Height: 5 ft 5in
Skin: White as snow
Personality: Easy going, open minded, friendly, eccentric, and intelligent

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Hi! I’m Raven, from the USA.

Indulge in the taste of a real southern belle.I am a passionate and playful girlfriend experience.

I am white as snow, with lips as red as roses, hair as dark as night, ready and waiting to show you true delight.

It is incredibly hard to describe what pleasures await you, from seductively teasing French kisses, to a dexterous tongue that tickles every sensitive part of you, the magical feel of my curvaceous booty, hands caressing every part of you.

Perhaps you prefer to pleasure a princess, with nibbles, kisses, licks, and tastes. Become intoxicated.

Maybe what you seek is naughtier in nature, the sound of spanking, a massage from my esophagus, a fetish or a fantasy?

Rarer still, the unicorn, maybe you just want to find someone who can hold an intelligent conversation, listen, or comfort and hold you, without judgement.

Let me tempt you with an amazing experience, well worth repeating!